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We archive evidence and proof of claims or events so that they can't be memoryholed.
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Last Updated: 5/11/2023

What is JustRedPillMe?

JustRedPillMe, is a website which provides raw unedited facts and evidence regarding a wide range of topics. These facts and evidence are provided alone and without opinion or editorializing of any kind. You are free to make up your own mind.

Why did you create this site?

There are a number of "fact-checking" websites out there. It is our experience that all of the sites currently out there do not actually take an unbiased, fact, evidence, and data driven approach to their articles they post, despite their claims to the contrary. Sometimes they will craft claims or questions that are not the claim, question, or concern people are worried about, and do so in a way that allows them to report something as true or false, when that isn't necessarily the case. Other times they purposely avoid reporting on a particular topic due to their political leanings or beliefs. This site fixes that problem.

What are all of the RedPill statuses?

JustRedPillMe has developed our own pill status / rating system. When you see this pill rating, you’ll know it’s been rated by us because you’ll see a pill as indicated from our pill rating system.

There are three possible RedPill statuses. They are as follows:

Status Description
Unable to Verify

One of the RedPills on your site is incorrect!

Although we strive to make sure every single RedPill listed is 100% correct, given the volume of RedPills we create, inevitably we will get something wrong, or use a piece of evidence that is either incomplete, inaccurate, or doctored. If this happens and you know this to be the case, please let us know. We will take a look at the RedPill in question and the evidence you have that counters the RedPill. If we believe you are correct, we will correct the RedPill. Thanks in advance!

Can you do a RedPill about x?

If you are interested in seeing a specific fact-check, we accept requests to do fact-checks from our Twitter subscribers. Please visit our Twitter profile to subscribe for a nominal fee. @justredpillme

Thank you for doing this, it is so nice to see such a website. How can I support you?

For more information on subscribing or donating, please read more here.

Do you have a twitter and/or facebook account I can follow?

We have registered an @justredpillme twitter account. We actively use it and post all of our content there. Subscriptions are also enabled for our profile. If you are interested, please check us out at @justredpillme over on Twitter. Or check out details regarding subscribing or donating here.

Do you have an API I can use?

We do not have a public API, however if you are interested in using our private api for a commercial purpose, please contact us at our email address, and somebody will be in touch with you. One potential use case for our private api is if you have articles you write which refer to events that we have performed fact-checking on, you can request an embeddable block of code that you can include in your original article. This embeddable HTML would show the claim or topic, as well as the finding on that topic (true/false/unable to verify). This would also permit users to click on it, and click through to this website, and specifically the redpill in question, to be able to see the evidence supporting the findings.

Do you have any RedPills available in audio format?

Although we don't have any audio streams or files available to the public, we can produce audio files available in various lengths for airing on your stream, service, or online or terrestrial radio stations. If you are interested in arranging reciept of these audio files for commercial use, please contact us to discuss licensing and cost details.

Do you have any relation to the /r/TheRedPill Subreddit?

We have no relation to that particular subreddit or any other subreddit. This site has nothing to do with the male dating scene or strategies. This is a fact-checking website that verifies information and claims.

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