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USDA Wants Citizens to Register Their Personal Gardens

Published: 12/30/2022

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The USDA is asking people to register their personal and local community gardens so they can be designated a ‘People’s Garden’. Reasons included in the registration are benefitting the community, collaborating with neighbors, incoporating sustainable practices, and educating the public.

One of the requirements for being recognized as a “People’s Garden” is:

Incorporate sustainable practices such as rain barrels or micro-irrigation, composting, cover crops, pest management, bat houses or insect hotels, and/or native plants.

Links to the survey and the registration form are available below.



In 2015 The James Madison Institute posted a case study regarding how the EPA (an agency separate from the USDA), used legislation that provided them with jurisdiction over “Navicable Waterways”, in a way that was so vauge and broad, that they then used this classification and definition to harm the income and the ability for farmers to support themselves and their families. For more information on the case study see the link below.


[The WOTUS definition] defines the “waters of the United States” so generally that federal regulators will have power over almost all of the nation’s waters and much of the nation’s land around those waters. “Navigable waters” and the lands associated with those waters will now fall under EPA regulatory control and will include all “tributaries” (no matter how small or remote), “adjacent” water bodies,” 100-year floodplains, and, on a case-by-case basis, any water within 4,000 feet of a “tributary” or other covered water.

The rule is so broad and vague that federal regulators will be licensed to micromanage property owners who are far away from genuinely navigable waters such as rivers, lakes or the ocean.

Links to Evidence:

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Published: 12/30/2022

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