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ATF Quietly Begins Door to Door Stops to Insist Gun Owners Turn Over Their Solvent Trap Components and FRT-15 Triggers

Published: 12/19/2022

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Earlier this year the ATF began visiting law abiding gun owners at their homes to inquire about and then demand the FRT-15 triggers and solvent trap components. The ATF claims this is because solvent traps can be converted into suppressors. Until recently, this was completely legal by filing under the National Firearms Act Form 1 and paying a onetime 200.00-dollar tax to the ATF. The ATF has changed their position and are now demanding law abiding gun owners turn them over. There is speculation that many of these solvent traps cases are centered around a specific seller named RifleRemedy2000. It is unclear if this seller has direct ties to the ATF at this time.

Many law abiding gun owners report receiving this letter…

ATF has information that you have acquired one or more firearm silencer devices [Solvent Trap] from Gunbroker.com account RifleRemedy2000. These items have been classified as silencers that were unlawfully manufactured or imported into the United States. Possession of these devices is a violation of law due to their illegal manufacture and or import.

The audio provided of this encounter is a clear demonstration of deliberate intimidation by Federal law enforcement agents. The ATF Special Agents tried to get him to sign forms, but he refused to sign anything without a lawyer. The ATF Special Agent told him they only wanted to destroy it. The agent then stated the individual was now on “their radar” and will be charged federally for violation of NFA if he is caught with the items in question.

Below is the video of the ATF agent and private citizen exchange, as well as photos of the letter he received and an image of what a solvent trap is.

This is a photo of a solvent trap:

Links to Evidence:

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Published: 12/19/2022

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